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"Exile to Babylon" Graphic Novel

AUTOGRAPHED COPY (seller is "hdarrasrn"):

"Exile to Babylon" Graphic Novel


"Exile to Babylon"


Editorial Review From Publishers Weekly:


"Even for those who can't get enough of humanity-on-the-brink stories with high-octane explosions, nonstop action, and lots and lots of tattoos, this adaptation of Dom Mazuran's 2013 film deserves to be called action-packed. The story is set in 2040, when resources are scarce and a critical fuel supply is in the hands of a ruthless overlord; the only hope for liberation lies with the Blackshield Angels, street-gang thugs who have been reeducated by a private military operative. It's a brutal world, especially in the war-torn landscape known as Zone 12, where the Angels' top agent kicks as much ass as possible—not because he's one of the good guys but, as the reader soon learns, only one of the gooder guys. To call this adrenaline-churning tale a page-turner is a ridiculous understatement. Eisner Award Winner David Lapham (Stray Bullets, The Strain) and Patric Reynolds (Let Me In, Volume 1: Crossroads) keep up the pace with gritty, realistic dialogue and dynamic sequences that allow readers to quickly fill in the gaps. But they also get it right in those quieter moments when the fireworks aren't going off, lending some depth to all the frenetic action."

(June 2013)

Helen Darras as the character "Artemis"

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